Free Consultation – Student Loan Debt

<Click here to download and print out our student loan debt questionnaire>

Pepper & Nason wants to help you identify your options for addressing your student loan debts.
The student loan landscape is changing rapidly. There are new updates in the applicable laws and guidelines that affect your options and opportunities. The first step to evaluate your situation using the latest information is to fill out the questionnaire. You will need to fill it out completely and answer all questions. The questionnaire allows us to assess all options, including bankruptcy, even though it may not be the best option for you.

<Click here to download and print out our student loan debt questionnaire>

If you prefer, we can also mail you a physical copy of the questionnaire, just call us at 304-346-0361 to request one.

Some pointers on filling it out:

Nearly everything in the questionnaire can be estimated or answered to the best of your ability.

  • It is better to do your best than be perfect and delay sending it to us.
  • For the student loans section (the last two pages), the website can be a huge help for the federal loans.
  • On the general (non-student loan) section, you may estimate the dates and the amounts of the debts, but we will eventually need to have the exact mailing address of the creditor.
  • You can get a free credit report by calling 1-877-322-8228 or by going to We recommend getting all three credit reports, in order to double check that you listed all of your debts, both student loans and other debts.
  • When you list the items of furniture and personal items that you own, be sure to put values that are not unreasonably high. We would suggest using values that you think you could obtain for the items (used in their current condition) if you sold them online, at a flea market, yard sale, garage sale, or pawn shop – NOT the cost to buy a new one. In other words: resale value, not replacement value.

Once your questionnaire is completed:

  • Call our office at 304-346-0361 and tell the receptionist you want to schedule a student loan appointment.
  • Please email or fax the questionnaire to us or bring the questionnaire with you to your office visit. DO NOT send the questionnaire to us unless you have an appointment.

We will also need copies of the following when you come:

  • Go onto, find your “Student Aid Summary,” then the “Student Aid Data,” download the file, and email it to .
  • The last two years’ federal tax returns, with W-2s if you have them available;
  • Copies of your last six months’ pay stubs;
  • One debt collection letter from each “third party” debt collectors you’ve received, if any;
  • Your most recent bank statement from each bank account you have; and
  • Any court documents from a lawsuit where you have been sued.

There is no fee for the initial review of your case. When you come in for your appointment, we will tell you in writing what the exact charge would be for addressing your student loans, should you decide to do so.

We look forward to seeing you and figuring out the best plan of action for helping you address your student loans.