What Happens After Bankruptcy?

iStock_000002402120SmallIf you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you are probably nervous and unsure of the process. The surprising fact is that many people are able to quickly rebound and get their life back on track.

The process that takes places after filing for bankruptcy is dependent on whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Each case is different. You can get the facts about what your situation means by speaking with one of the lawyers at Pepper and Nason. The initial consultation is provided free of charge, and you will talk directly with a lawyer at the first office visit.

Many people are surprised to find out they can improve their credit after filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy gives many people the chance to rebuild credit because it can eliminate old debt that affects their credit.

After debts are discharged through bankruptcy, people can often begin saving money and rebuild their new credit.

What To Do After Filing Bankruptcy

To fully understand the bankruptcy laws in West Virginia, and how they can impact your debt and affect your life, please fill out a questionnaire at our Free Consultation – Bankruptcy and Debt page or contact Pepper and Nason by calling us at (304) 346-0361 today. There is no charge for the initial office visit.