Child Support & Parenting Issues

Child Support Issues Pepper and Nason Attorneys at LawIn West Virginia child support payments are usually made until the child turns eighteen years of age. But if the child in question is still attending high school or if he or she is attending a vocational school the Court may require that child support be paid past the age of eighteen.

Pepper and Nason is here to ensure your child receives the full amount allowable by West Virginia Law and is here to serve the child’s best interests, by facilitating:

  • Stability of the child
  • Parental planning and agreement about the child’s custodial arrangements and upbringing.
  • Continuity of existing parent-child attachments.
  • Meaningful contact between a child and each parent.
  • Caretaking relationships by adults who love the child, know how to provide for the child’s needs, and who place a high priority on doing so.
  • Security from exposure to physical or emotional harm.
  • To achieve fairness between the parents.

If you are having parental issues or trouble receiving child support payment or feel that you need an advocate in avoiding child support abuse, please contact Pepper and Nason by calling us (304) 346-0361 today.