Consumer Claims & Judgments

iStock_000006137295SmallWest Virginia has a comprehensive consumer protection law – the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act – that prohibits businesses from committing unfair or deceptive acts in consumer transactions. This law is a powerful weapon for consumers who have been the victims of abusive and fraudulent practices.

We can help determine if you have a claim for damages relating to consumer fraud scenarios such as the following:

  • Purchase of previously wrecked or flood-damaged automobiles
  • Undisclosed defects in the purchase of a house or mobile home
  • Deceptive or misleading advertisements in the sale of consumer goods or services
  • Failure to disclose important facts about a consumer product, such as a vehicle’s prior history as a rental vehicle or lemon buyback vehicle
  • False or misleading representations about the condition or quality of consumer goods
  • Mislabeled consumer goods, such as designer clothing or jewelry
  • Failure to perform contracted services as agreed.

Our experienced consumer fraud attorneys will listen closely to your story. In many cases, we will already have dealt with the fraudulent conduct or the business involved in your claim. You may have the option of filing a class action lawsuit that not only can recover damages in your case, but protect everyone else in the state from the same unlawful conduct.

If you were deceived or misled during a consumer transaction or were not told important facts about a product or purchased defective products or have paid for services that failed to perform as promised, West Virginia’s consumer protection laws might give you the right to recover damages from the seller or manufacturer. Contact Pepper and Nason at (304) 346-0361 to find out about your rights.