BANKRUPTCY (Chapter 7) = Below Median Income $1062.00
BANKRUPTCY (Chapter 7) = Above Median Income OR Business Debts $1,412.00
BANKRUPTCY (Chapter 7) = Small Corporation $1,412.00
BANKRUPTCY (Chapter 13) = Simple, Non-Business $5,687.00
BANKRUPTCY (Chapter 13) = Business Debts / Assets $7,687.00
Chapter 7 Court Filing Fee (All Cases) $338.00
Chapter 13 Court Filing Fee (All Cases) $313.00
Chapter 13 – Lawsuit or Motion to Avoid Lien
(Does Not Include Appraisal Cost)
Amendment of pending Chapter 7 or 13 $60.00
Postpone “Meeting of Creditors” for any reason $200.00
Proceed by “Power of Attorney” for any one Debtor $200.00
Extra fee if Parties separated, divorcing $300.00
Settled Redemption or Lien Avoidance Action $450.00
Contested Redemption or Lien Avoidance Action
(Does Not Include Appraisal Cost)
Adversary Proceeding/Defend US Trustee Claim of Abuse $350.00/hour
Student Loan Adversary Proceedings (One Lender) $2,500.00
Student Loan Adversary Proceeding – Add for Appeal to District Court $2,000.00

Contingency fee for recouping Levy, Garnishee, Execution

Fee to Convert Case, 7 to 13, 13 to 7



Reopen closed Case to seek relief
(Plus $250.00 Court Fee)
Copies of anything from file after Case closed $60.00








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